SUU Police

Pay close attention to the new bike lanes around campus and the new 4 way stop at 1150 W University Blvd.  Driving and parking patterns have changed.  

Report all suspicious activity as soon as possible. Call 435-586-1911.

For Emergencies, CALL 911

For Urgent Need of A Police Officer, CALL Police Dispatch at 435-586-1911

For Office & Services, CALL 435-652-7515

Report a Crime

This is where I want to put the mission statement. Mission statements are great, but can also be put on another page so they don't necessarily have to take up this much text. This is just an example. 

Below, we can put other resources like some of the more important/popular services

For a complete list of resources, please browse the pages linked to the left

  • Police Escort:
    • If a student, staff, or faculty member feels unsafe walking alone on campus, an officer will respond to their location and escort them to their on-campus destination.
  • Vehicle or Building Lockouts:
    • In the event a student, staff, or faculty member is locked out of a campus building/room or their vehicle, an officer will assist in providing access once valid photo identification and authorization is produced.
  • Vehicle Jumpstarts:
    • In the event the vehicle of a student, staff, or faculty member will not start, an officer will respond to the campus location and attempt to jumpstart the vehicle.

All Services

I named this section 'Safety Initiatives', but that doesn't have to be what it is for. Whatever is the most pertinant information should go here. I copied some links that were on the Utah Tech site

Emergency Management Resources

SUU Police


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